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Miyajima Gate. 2014.
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Mass Effect 3
[2/2] Final goodbyes 

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One of the worst parts of this war is watching the kids react. If they’re lucky, they grow up thinking the galaxy is basically a decent place. Some rough spots here and there, but for the most part, life makes sense.

Now they find out it was all a lie. They wake up to see these things in the dark that just want to destroy everyone they ever cared about.

If they survive, there will be a lot of angry orphans out there looking for answers…

~ Garrus Vakarian

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Sass Effect

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Video Game Meme / Five Heartwarming Moments [1/5] → 
The Normandy Reborn
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There’s nothing more satisfying.

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Fear The Reaper



"…glad you could make it, Kasumi."

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Mass Effect characters -  Nyreen Kandros

fangirl challenge - [1/7] character deaths 

Thane Krios
The prayer was not for him. He has already asked forgiveness for the lives he has taken. His wish was for you.”

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i swear to god, the writing in these games

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Mass Effect 2: Squadmates

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Thing is, you never heard a complaint. Never once got, “No, sir. I can’t do that.” She never hesitated…soldiers like the Commander are rare. Women like Shepard, even more rare.

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